About us

The Canadian Military History Gateway is an online service providing access to Websites and digitized resources about Canada's military history. The Gateway was developed by the Directorate of History and Heritage at Department of National Defence (DND) as an initiative supported by the National Defence On-Line (NDOL) programme and the Department of Canadian Heritage's Canadian Culture Online Program.

The goal of the Gateway is to "provide the public with free access to the collective military history resources of Canadian museums, libraries, archives and other heritage organizations through a single, dynamic and intuitive gateway". In drawing the sources of Canada's military heritage together, the gateway provides an opportunity for all Canadians to learn about a history that has shaped their country.

To realize this goal, the leading institutions responsible for the collection and digitization of cultural resources related to Canada's military heritage have formed a partnership to work together in building and maintaining this story of Canada. These institutions are:

The Gateway is designed to be the authoritative source for quality-controlled information on Canada's military history. It provides several ways to discover, access and exploit online military history resources, including a graphical interactive timeline, enhanced search and guided navigation.

It also provides a concise military history of Canada from 1000-2000 A.D. through the online presentation of the three volume Canadian Military Heritage series (by Bernier and Chartrand).

Site visitors can access:

  • Images and narrative of the three volume Canadian Military Heritage reference set, enriched with animation clips.
  • More than 7000 unique links to military history resources on Gateway partner sites, including animation, art, artefacts, film, interactive games, music, narratives, personal anecdotes, photos and scholarly research.
  • Links to partner databases that contain nearly 900,000 additional resources specific to Canadian military history.
  • Links to an array of grade specific and curriculum based learning resources, educational aids and lesson plans.

More partners will be engaged over time to enrich and expand the story further.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance provided by:

  • National Defence On-Line (NDOL)
  • Canadian Culture Online Program (CCOP)
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