British 'Short Land Pattern' musket, 1768-1797

Caption: British 'Short Land Pattern' musket, 1768-1797

The 'Short Land Pattern' smoothbore flintlock musket was a modified version of the earlier 'Long Land' weapon. As the name suggests, the new musket was shorter than its predecessor, having a 42" (106.7 cm) barrel instead of 46" (116.8 cm). Both muskets had a calibre (the interior diameter of the barrel) of .75 inches (19.1 mm). The British soldiers' nickname of 'Brown Bess' was also used for both weapons. 'Land Pattern' weapons were made for use by the army, as opposed to Sea Service weapons made for the Royal Navy. The Short Land musket was the main British infantry weapon during both the American and French Revolutions. In 1797, production was shifted to the less expensive 'India Pattern' musket, but the older muskets continued to serve. In Canada, many militia during the War of 1812 would have been issued with old Short Land muskets. (Parks Canada)