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Member of corps receiving elementary military training (present day). In the 17th and 18th centuries, denoted elite militia units. There was a short-lived corps of "Cadets Canadiens" in 1689 and the Halifax militia had a cadet unit in the 1769s and 1770s.

See also: Cadet (officer), Cadet corps

Cadet (officer)

Student in a naval, military or air force college or a youth educated to become an officer. "Gentleman-cadet" and "Officer-cadet" also used. From 1685, young Canadians, usually the sons of officers, were attached to the regular colonial Compagnies franches de la Marine as cadets to be trained under veteran and participate in expeditions. Until 1760, 321 Canadian cadets became commissioned officers in the regular forces of France. Thereafter, officer training leading to commission was not given in Canada until 1876 when the Royal Military College opened in Kingston.

See also: Garde de la Marine, Midshipman

Cadet corps

Military training for teenage students, organized in many Canadian secondary schools and colleges from the 1860s and eventually becoming independent entities. Evolved to encourage young men to continue and join the volunteer militia or the regular forces. A Corps of School Cadet Instructors existed in the Militia from 1909, which became the Cadet Services of Canada in 1924. Girls participated as early as the 1880s and were fully integrated during the later 20th century. Skills taught have now advanced from drill and weaponry to include sports, technical and leadership skills.


Measurement used to express the size of a gun barrel bore or its projectile. The calibre of French arms was calculated by dividing the length of the bore by the diameter of the ball. The calibre of English arms was calculated by dividing the length of the bore by the diameter of the bore.

Canada General Service Medal

First military medal issued by the Canadian government; authorized in January 1899. It was award to soldiers and militiamen who saw action during the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870, and the Red River Expedition of 1870.