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Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps (RCASC)

Authorized on December 1, 1903 as Canadian Army Service Corps. Received its Royal title from 1919.

Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

Established on November 2, 1910 as the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps and redesignated Royal Canadian Army Veterinary Corps on November 3, 1919. It was disbanded on November 1, 1940, when mechanized equipment had replaced horses.

Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA)

See: Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals (RCCS)

Militia component authorized on October 24, 1903 as Signalling Corps and became Canadian Corps of Signal in January 1913. The egular component was authorized on April 1, 1919. Received its Royal title in 1921.

Royal Canadian Dental Corps (RCDC)

Militia component authorized as The Canadian Dental Corps on 20 April 1915. It was disbanded in November 1920 but authorized again on June 15, 1921. The Regular component was authorized on 31 August 1939. Received its Royal title in 1947.