The battle of Queenston Heights, 13 October 1812

Caption: The battle of Queenston Heights, 13 October 1812

This 1836 engraving shows American troops (shown in blue uniforms) crossed the Niagara River and landed at Queenston. British and Canadian troops (shown in red uniforms) under General Isaac Brock came out of Newark (now Niagara-on-the-Lake) and drove the Americans back to the heights. Seeing this, New York militiamen still on the American shore refused to cross into Canada to reinforce the troops there. General Brock was killed during an advance towards the doomed Americans on the heights. The original sketch copied by this engraving was made by James Dennis (1796-1855), the senior British officer at Queenston when the Americans first landed. His grenadier company of the 49th (the Hertfordshire) Regiment of Foot fought throughout the battle. (Library and Archives Canada, C-000276)