Soldiers of the Atlantic Seaboard

French Dominance Of Chignecto

Although English soldiers and militias succeeded in ensuring the defence of the settlements on the coast and much of the sea front, they could not stop raids by large French expeditions from Canada on the Nova Scotia border or break the French hold over the Isthmus of Chignecto. The peace of 1748 revived British claims that their territory included this isthmus and all Acadian settlements in what is now New Brunswick. The French maintained regular troops and Canadian militiamen west of the Missiquash River, while the British remained east of this unofficial but very real boundary. In early 1751, the French built Forts Gaspereau and Beauséjour to counterbalance Fort Lawrence, built by the British in October 1750. The situation remained tense and small incidents were frequent, although a certain stability reigned, at least for a few years.