The Conquest

Other Fronts

Lake Champlain

While Wolfe lay siege to Quebec, General Amherst was slowly moving up Lake Champlain at the head of an impressive Anglo-American army of 11,000 men. On July 23 he arrived at Fort Carillon, held by General François-Charles de Bourlamaque and approximately 2,000 men. With the strength of the forces so unequal, the French blew up the fort three days later, after having evacuated it. Continuing northward, Amherst's army reached Fort Saint-Frédéric, which the French also blew up. By the time the Anglo-American forces reached the fort on August 4 nothing remained but ruins. Amherst immediately ordered another fort built at the same location, to be called Crown Point (today in the State of New York). Amherst's army then attempted to approach Tieaux-Noix, on the Richelieu, where Bourlamaque had dug in with his men, but four small French ships kept the army at bay. With winter coming, the Anglo-Americans eventually withdrew to Crown Point.