The Conquest

The War Continues in Canada

Levis Brings A New Approach

Brigadier François de Lévis, who succeeded Montcalm, had a great deal of experience in the French army. His personality was completely different from that of his predecessor; Lévis, who always spoke in measured terms, had a calm temperament and a pragmatic bent. He shared the opinion of the other French officers regarding how to conduct the war in Canada, but he was careful not to denigrate the Canadian officers. Knowing that staff cannot be effective if there is tension, he maintained relatively good relations with the colonial officers and was no doubt careful to defuse tension caused by any incendiary remark made by his leader.

Lévis was in command of the troops in Montreal in the summer of 1759 when he learned the news of Montcalm's death and the fall of Quebec. When told what had happened, he said that Montcalm ought not to have gone into battle until the reinforcements had arrived, but then added immediately - words that are revealing of his personality - that it is easy to judge generals who are unlucky in war, because they are always wrong.