The Revolt of Pontiac and the American Invasion

The Defence of Nova Scotia

The Invasion of Nova Scotia

In view of the gravity of the situation, Gage sent two companies of the 14th Regiment and 100 recruits from a new colonial corps, the Royal Fencible Americans, under the command of one of the great names in Nova Scotia military history, Joseph Goreham - the very Goreham who had earlier commanded a corps of Rangers. Governor Legge was authorized to raise another colonial regiment from among loyal members of the population, the Loyal Nova Scotia Volunteers. In December additional regular troops from England reached Halifax. Legge could finally breathe easier and prepare the province to defend itself. In early summer 1776, Colonel Goreham and his Royal Fencible Americans mounted guard at Fort Cumberland - formerly Fort Beauséjour - to defend the isthmus of Chignectou against an American incursion.