The Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812

Canada's Defence Strategy

Western Thrust Under American General Hull

To everyone's surprise, instead of the expected attack on Montreal, the first American offensive occurred at the other end of the country. On July 12, 1812, General William Hull, Governor of Michigan, led his troops from Detroit to the village of Sandwich, Ontario, which did not have a garrison. He announced officially that he would be arriving to liberate all the inhabitants from tyranny, and to those who did not wish to be freed, "the horrors and calamities of war will stalk before you." 65 He commanded an army of 1,200 men, including 400 regular soldiers of the 4th Infantry Regiment, as well as militiamen from Ohio and Michigan. Although not very dependable, they could be moved to action by a good general. However, Hull was indecisive and ultimately did nothing.