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Reports from Abroad: Matthew Halton

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoSound

A tribute to Matthew Halton, Canada's most famous foreign correspondent. Through some radio clips of historic broadcasts, this site showcases the talents of this idealist, philosopher, and sentimentalist, from 1942 to his death in 1956.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

German Invasion of Western Europe, 1940 - Operations - Democracy at War

Type: Document

After the German occupation of Poland, nothing much happened for month after month. War did not seem like war. A "phoney war," the British called it. But in the spring of 1940 Hitler's forces struck again, and by June he held Europe in his grasp. Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, France and Belgium all fell quickly to German forces.

Site: Canadian War Museum

Cold War: 'The Only Choice Today is Peace'

Type: Sound

In this 1961 radio broadcast, columnist Ron Haggart takes issue with the government's approach to nuclear warfare, and argues for commitment to peace.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Lesson Plan: Halton and Iraq, 2003: Reporters at the Front- For Teachers Grades 11 and 12

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoImageSound

Presents an educational activity for senior high school students involving similarities and differences between the reports of Matthew Halton, reporter and war correspondent during the Second World War, and news reports from the 2003 war in Iraq. Provides an introduction, purpose, tasks, process and links to WWII CBC media clips as well as news reports from the 2003 war in Iraq.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Matthew Halton: Capturing Caen

Type: Film and Video

Matthew Halton reminisces about the liberation of Caen, France in 1944.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Dieppe - The Second World War

Type: DocumentImageSound

Site features an excerpt from journalist Ross Munro's account of going ashore with allied shock troops storming the Dieppe beach on August 19, 1942, and has links to other resources on the Dieppe Raid, including map, photos, and RealAudio interviews.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

Matthew Halton on War Reporting: Scoops, Angles and Ethics

Type: Film and Video

Matthew Halton discusses the challenges and rewards of working as a foreign correspondent on the CBC television program Tabloid.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Art Holmes: The Bomb-Chasing Broadcaster

Type: Film and Video

Art Holmes, a CBC soundman, discusses the sounds of war, and his memories of wartime broadcasting.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBC War Correspondents Retrospective

Type: Film and Video

An historical retrospective of CBC radio news coverage of the Second World War, as seen through the eyes of the major correspondents and newsmen.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation