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Date > 1800

Rebellion on the Plains - North West Rebellion

Type: DocumentFilm and Video

A description of the Métis and Indian involvement in the Northwest Rebellion of 1885. The settlers' reaction to the threat of Indian uprising and the military backlash to actions taken by the rebels are also discussed. From the television series "Canada: A People's History." Includes links to educational resources, bibliography, games, puzzles, and video clips.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

300 Versus 3000

Type: Document

The American army attacked the Canadian position at Châteauguay on 26 October 1813, but it could not break through. The defenders use of cover and trickery made the invaders think they faced a far larger force. Added to the steady behaviour of the Canadians, this was enough to win.

Site: National Defence

Ongoing Incidents on the Border

Type: Document

Small skirmishes with American-based radical insurgents kept Upper and Lower Canada on the alert through much of 1838. There were incidents in both colonies, from Windsor through to the Vermont border, but the Patriot Hunters were always quickly scattered or repulsed.

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