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The battle of Bushy Run, Pennsylvania, 5 August 1763

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A charge of the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot scattered the warriors and brought a decisive victory to Colonel Bouquet’s Anglo-American force. This Amerindian defeat eventually resulted in the failure of Pontiac’s revolt in North America. This print has one inaccuracy - the facing colour on the 42nd's lapels and cuffs should be blue rather than buff. The regiment changed from buff to blue facings when it was granted the word ‘Royal’ in its title on 22 July 1758. Red faced with blue was and remains the British royal livery.

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Beating the Amerindians at Their Own Game

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The British column sent to relieve Fort Pitt was attacked by Pontiac's men on August 5, 1763. Using the Amerindian's own tactics, the British routed the natives. After this defeat, the Amerindian sieges of the remaining British-held forts were lifted, and Pontiac's coalition dissolved.

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