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Keeping the Peace - Postcards for Peace -Teachers's Guide - Activities for Grades 6 to 13

Type: Document

The role of Canadian peacekeepers and peacekeeping is discussed in this teachers' guide. Topics include history, purpose; functions and tasks, and past and present missions. Links to a class activity titled Postcards for Peace are included.

Site: Veterans Affairs Canada

Introductory Activity: Grades 6-12: Canada's Forgotten Heroes

Type: DocumentFilm and VideoSound

In these activities, students will have the opportunity to identify and explain what makes a hero, to write diary entries in role as a soldier in the Korean War, to write an editorial from the point of view of a Canadian newspaper in the 1950s either supporting or opposing Canada’s involvement in the conflict, to prepare a brief to the federal government regarding the need to honour and memorialize Canadian veterans of the Korean War, and to compare Canada’s involvement in the War on Terrorism to Canada’s involvement in the Korean War.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canada - A People's History - Teacher Resources

Type: Document

List of materials available for teachers at both the elementary and high school levels.

Site: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation